Janet Masters

One of my earliest memories of gardening was pulling carrots before a hard Illinois freeze. Dad had us kids dress in our snowsuits to stay warm and with gloved hands, we dug through the garden soil looking for carrots. You may be thinking that does not sound like a great memory but it stayed with me - about the importance of growing, and cultivating my own food. Why did I pursue the Master Gardener program? I describe myself as a digger, a “dirt” hound and I was tired of plants dying on me. I like to dig in the soil, forget those gloves. I like to see seeds grow into a beautiful plant which either feed my body or visually lighten my mood. I like the color green and its many shades. I like the pollinators and bugs that visit my gardens. I like trading plants with my friends’ mothers. I even like to see baby rabbits hiding from my dogs under the Hostas. I am a graduate of the Fall 2019 Master Gardener program. It was a lot of work but this program has so enriched my knowledge and love of landscaping, gardening, and everything green.
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