Dave Horton

Dave is a Williamson County Master Gardener from the class of 2017. In his former life, he was a classroom teacher for several years in Alabama, moved to Tennessee in 1987. Being an educator, he also worked for Vanderbilt as a mental health tech for 3 years, taught Psychology for Columbia State, and was a customer service manager and bookseller for Barnes and Noble for 10 years. He was also a guidance counselor 46 years. His interest in gardening and agriculture dates from childhood as he grew up on a farm, the oldest of 4 kids. Chickens, cattle, pigs filled his time before and after school. There was also the 20 acres of corn, vegetables and hay that needed tending since his Dad worked as a heavy equipment mechanic, an industrial electrician, and ran his own car garage. With WCMGA, Dave has spent time at Giving Garden, Carnton, and at one time, the Butterfly Garden. Over the last three years, he has been involved with the Edible Uprising Project, served as communications manager for WCMGA, and assisted with the Intern program.
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