Holly Gardner

Holly Gardner grew up on a farm and her family always had vegetable gardens and flower gardens and they passed down their love of gardening to her.  She attended Middle TN State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree, majoring in Marketing, with minors in Business Administration and Psychology.  She has worked for a veterinarian, retail, computer resellers, a telecommunications provider, a marketing and analytics company, a biotech firm, and a small R&D laboratory.  She has been able to apply her wide range of skills being responsible for office management, project management, information technology, human resources, administrative duties, and various other things, as needed.  She is a long standing member of the Williamson County Master Gardeners Association having taken her certification class in 2005. She previous served as the primary photographer for the association and was responsible for compiling and maintaining the scrapbooks for several years.  She has been involved with numerous Bloom ‘n’ Garden Shows, leading the setup of the Master Gardener booth for several years.  She also served on the Garden Tour Committee for two years and was a part of several Plant Sales, volunteering for several smaller projects and taking photos along the way.  She currently serves on the Website Committee, the Garden Festival Committee, and the Lawn & Garden Show Committee.  Other hobbies, besides gardening, include:  photography, travel, horses, cars, motorcycles, and backyard projects.
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