The Master Gardeners provide community education in many ways. The following list represents only of some of the ways that Williamson County Master Gardeners provide free education to local residents:

Williamson County Extension Office

The UT/TSU Williamson County Extension receives thousands of horticulture related calls each year, everything from “can I grow an avocado in Tennessee?” to “how do I grow grass in the shade?” Master Gardeners play a large role in assisting the agent in meeting this demand.

The Insect and Disease Identification Team

Master Gardeners serve on a Insect and Disease Identification team to help local residents identify and treat plant disease and local pests that affect their gardens.

WCMGA Speakers Bureau

Master Gardeners are available as public speakers offering information about horticulture throughout middle Tennessee. Many of these events are open to the public, and can be found on our event calendar.

Williamson County Fair

Master Gardeners are available at the Williamson County Fair to answer questions

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