Mary Holt

Mary grew up on a small farm in Alabama, drove a tractor, and thought everyone had strawberries in their back yard.  She also enjoyed playing hide and seek in the corn fields.  From Alabama she moved to California, where she and her husband grew tropical flowers and fruits that were very different from Alabama.  She worked in Information Technology for 44 years.  After retirement as an IT Director for the state of Alabama, she continued as a computer systems consultant for the Federal Government.  She completed her Alabama MG certification in 2010.  She had a tremendous love of gardening, as evident from the over 150 azaleas and many African violets in her back yard.  She and her husband moved to Franklin to be near their adult children and grandchildren.  She enrolled in the WCMGA in 2014.  She grows many flowering shrubs and perennials, and grows vegetables in containers.  She participates in several WCMGA activities, including the Junior Gardener Camp, which her grandchildren love.  Since moving to Franklin, she discovered that two of her great grandfathers fought in the Battle of Franklin and Battle of Nashville.  In addition to gardening, she and her husband thoroughly enjoy traveling.  They return to Alabama often, where they have a lake home, and cheer for the Auburn Tigers.
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