Lorena Machado

Lorena was born in Maracaibo-Venezuela where gardening was not a popular practice or hobby due to the intense heat and dry weather all year round.  She moved to the US 20 years ago to Atlanta, GA.  There she met her husband, and they bought their first house together.  The house was on a few wooded acres, but the garden was pretty much nonexistent.  It was at that point in her life that the gardening learning process started. A few years later they moved to Nashville.  One of their first properties in Nashville was a townhome with a very tiny backyard.  They realized the small yard had potential and it became a landscape project for them both.  Lorena realized the joy of watching the plants grow and flourish and looked forward to the daily ritual of watering the plants after a stressful day at work. A few years later they bought a larger acreage property in Franklin, and this became the next gardening project.  It started with decorative evergreens, shrubs and flowers and a few tomato plants.  In 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic they decided to build raised beds and start growing more vegetables.  There were successes and of course some failures in the process and this made Lorena realize she would benefit by becoming a Master Gardener. She was a 2021 MG graduate.
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