Frances Rogers

Frances has lived in Franklin most of her life. She moved here from Denver, Colorado in 1986 after accepting an opportunity to open The Landings on Moore’s Lane. She managed other properties in Oklahoma City after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. After the birth of her son, she took a break from her professional life to care for her son. When he entered school, she began a new career in sales and marketing. Now she works from home as Account Manager for Goldner Associates providing direct mail, print material, promotional products and apparel to marketing directors, communication directors and advertising agencies. Her clients are mainly non-profits and schools. She has been in sales and marketing for over 20 years and still enjoys the creative marketing and communication industry. One of her hobbies has always been gardening. She began visiting greenhouses and collecting plants as soon as she could drive. She has dozens of houseplants, a new perennial to plant, and a small vegetable garden everywhere she has lived. She shares her love for flower gardens with her mother who had flower gardens in bloom every season. Her parents also had pecan trees and they gifted shelled pecans to the whole family and friends every year for years. In 2018, when she began working from home, she gained more time to devote to her love of gardening and nature. One of the first things she did was join the WCMGA program. She enjoyed her first year as an intern and said she learned a lot from volunteering in the different gardens, her mentor, and the speakers. She says the best part of being part of WCMGA is meeting other people who enjoy gardening as much as she does and more! Along with volunteering at the Giving Garden, she was also able to assist at the 2020 Lawn and Garden Show, and help organize the tour at Cheekwood. She also secured three of the speakers for 2020.
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